DA42 New Generation

The demanding challenge behind the development of Diamond Aircraft‘s DA42 NG was to make full use of all contemporary technology to achieve optimum speed and flying range, outstanding safety and a new level in economic and environmental performance. At last, it is once more possible to fly a twin-engine aircraft with both a clear conscience and with maximum enjoyment.

Two thumbs up

Diamond Aircraft Industries has equipped its DA42 with a new Diesel-power plant. The AE300 leaves an excellent impression. It is powerful and economical at the same time. The new DA42 NG represents a definite improvement over the previous version. All these new facts make the DA42 with AE300 a great choice for individual owners, as well as for flight schools looking to add modern appeal and technology to their flight line.

An aircraft that will determine the future of diesel-engined aviation

The 336hp provides impressive acceleration, an unsurprising increase from the DA42 TDI. With the engines delivering 100 %Take Off power, the nose is raised to 12° and it climbs at 90 KCAS burning 9.4 US gal per hour per engine with the variometer oscillating between 1,100 and 1,300 fpm. That is truly impressive. Five minutes after Take Off we are reducing to max continious power of 92% and still get a climb rate of approximately 1,100fpm. The fuel flow meter is indicating 8.5 USgal/h now.

Levelling off at 12,000 ft with the power indicator still at 92% we are accelerating to 145 KCAS which leads to a true airspeed of 183 kts. The service ceiling is 18,000 ft and it can maintain 14,000 ft with one engine out. We are engaging the autopilot and enjoying the luxury of the GFC 700 with its yaw damping system. Bringing the power back to a more normal  75 % power, the engines are burning 6.8 US gal per engine and delivering 175 KTAS, which is magnificient for just 51 l of Jet A1 per hour.

The result

With the DA42 NG you will enjoy lower operating costs, lower fuel consumption with an increase of comfort, power and performance.